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Starting Over Again


Once upon a time there was a great shaking in my world … and for reasons only understood in the secret world of Apple and Steve Jobs … my web site at dot Mac created using iWeb will vanish from the blogging world sometime in July of this year 2012.  Actually, that’s really just trying to be a dramatic sentence.  I think the crux of the thing is that Steve probably said “Others are doing a better job of blogging platforms and we have other things to do.”  At least, now that I’ve gotten over my great disappointment and given up being angry about the whole thing, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Within hours of the first release of iWeb in 2006, I had entered the intoxicating  world of blogging.  It was exhilarating.  Within the first year, I lost my Mac’s hard drive and had to start all over, that’s why this is now starting over again.

Threes charm and I hope this one takes.

If you followed me at all before, you noted how I slowed to one post a month, the Bread Baking Babes.  Some of that slow down was due to being in the North Woods without much ability to connect to the internet and some of it was due to building a house but a big part of it was due to reluctance on my part to finally give up on iWeb and face up to the fact I had to try something new, a new platform.

I have some familiarity with Blogger but everybody recommended I try WordPress … so here I am.  I feel like the proverbial fish out of water.  When I was finally able to get my mind around the idea that when I started blogging, I knew almost nothing about it and I wasn’t polished then either.  That’s where I am now.  Just starting out, primitive.  I hope I can get this site a little more polished by next year and learn enough to be comfortable with it.

One of my goals will be to sort of “reissue” blog posts from my old site.  If I look forward to anything it’s being able to categorize posts!

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6 thoughts on “Starting Over Again

  1. Hope this will be like the old one where I can comment by leaving name, e-mail and website, not have to register with WordPress to comment…we shall see.
    Beyond that selfish wish, I am thrilled that you are on this new path and hope to see (perhaps) more than one post a month. Your posts are always, always interesting to read.

  2. Kudos to you Tanna!
    I am sure you will get used to wordpress, while it has a lot of options under the hood I think it is pretty straight forward and very suitable even for beginners (not saying you are one of them tho!)
    xoxo Astrid

  3. Looking good, Tanna! I love WordPress and I think you’ll be happy with it.

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