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All my Roses …


If you’ve ever been to one of those fabulous botanical gardens devoted exclusively to roses then you’ll understand what joy it is to gather all my Buddy Roses in one place.  Just as the perfume in a rose garden is heady, so are the Russian Rose Braids heady in my kitchen.

Thank you each for baking with us and producing such gorgeous breads and the matching perfume!

Sandie blogging at Crumbs of Love

Connie’s Russian Rose blogging at MyDiscoveryOfBread

Ayalon blogging at giladayalonvegan It’s vegan! but know it needs translation.

Kelly @ A Messy Kitchen

Kathy @ BreadExperienc

Jamie blogging at Life’s A Feast

Karen blogging at Kitchen Stories

Judy blogging at Judy’s Gross Eats

Claires blogging at  ClairesBaking

Carola blogging at Sweet & That’s It

Aparna Blogging at MyDiverseKitchen

Barbara blogging at Barbara Bakes

I can’t seem to get a download of the loaf but follow the link below for a very rare rose

Soep Kipje

I really have tried but please if I missed any Buddy, let me know and I’ll add you in to this round-up.

If you fear this bread because it’s beauty looks intimidating, I suggest you consider how much everyone who baked this loves the shape.  Several of us have baked sweet and savory versions and have plans for many more.  Lastly, consider how similar these loaves appear.  Usually our loaves can vary wildly in appearance as well as taste.  This shaping technique is remarkable in it’s ease of execution and the consistency of results.


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6 thoughts on “All my Roses …

  1. ♥ Thank you Tanna for this wonderful roundup!
    Every Rose has its thorn… but these ones were harmless (to your finger…. not sure about the hips!), delicious and beautiful, like a rose should be!

  2. Thanks for the beautiful roundup and great recipe! It really is a fun bread to bake. I’m looking forward to trying many versions.

  3. Fabulous post! Thank you!

  4. I’d like to add my comment here. Don’t have that much time so I decided to try this bread using my 5 minutes a day dough, with a filling of butter, brown sugar and cinnamon. It turned out very well!!

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