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A … best laid plans post ….


You know the kind of post where your best laid plans went packing.  That’s actually what has been happening in my kitchen.  About all my plans for baking have become plans for packing.  The kitchen here is 80% packed.  So, while appliances function, tools can be difficult to come by.  Last week I wanted to bake with a tube pan …. packed.  Makes things challenging.  And a bread with starter … stopped me cold.

When I wanted to bake with the Babes last month, the starter eluded me.  I forgot to mix it every night for days on end.  Probably the most difficult issue was that by the end of the day of packing boxes and stacking them to be able to walk through the kitchen, the bottle of Riesling really begged just to be poured into glasses not into a bowl of dough.

So even though I didn’t bake the bread, I can see from the Babes and Buddies who baked it, this was a wonderful loaf.  So I’ve gathered up the Buddies who did bake the bread and they are a truly glorious bunch of Babe Buddies.

In no particular order here they are:

Kelly did a lot better than I did.  My starter had stopped, Kelly was able to revive her starter to bake this gorgeous loaf seems to be keeping it going full force with light fluffy pancakes!


Kelly Hill, A Messy Kitchen

Karen seemed to be doing something I’m always doing … she started on the recipe without getting the big picture reading through the recipe before beginning.  Fortunately she knew how to slow things down … she also knew that baking this bread in a cast iron Dutch oven would give her a lovely color to her loaf and crisp crust.


Karen Kerr, Karen’s Kitchen Stories

Carola’s loaf really speaks to me … because it sparkles with flax seed!  Always a winner in my book.

3-BBB July 13

Carola Bolgiani, Sweet and That’s It

Claartje has one of those perfect crumbs, the kind we all aspire to.  I’d crack open another bottle of that Riesling to celebrate that crumb.


Claartje Devos, Claire’s Baking Journey

Cathy says her loaf has ” a slight blemish from being stuck to the basket.”  I say her loaf has individualism and great flavor.  How do I know it had great flavor?  Because the friend she shared it with liked it enough to keep the entire loaf.  Now that’s good flavor.


Kathy Warner, Bread Experience

Thank you Buddies for baking once again with the Babes.

I’ll make you two promises even if one is slightly qualified.

1. I’m 100% sure you’ll want to bake August’s bread!

2. If I have internet, I’ll be posting the bread on the 16th … because I’ve baked it and boy oh boy it’s a lovely.

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10 thoughts on “A … best laid plans post ….

  1. Your kind and generous comments on each bread are a pleasure to read and made a lovely beginning to my day. I wasn’t able to bake this month, but am looking forward to joining in again for August.

  2. Wonderful round up Tanna. Kudos for being able to make it even with your kitchen cleared out and all things upside down! Hugs

  3. I tip my head (and the bottle!) to your posting, baking, and packing! With all that you also managed to step in and do a roundup! Thank you Tanna!

  4. Thanks Tanna, Can’t wait to see the bread on the 16th!

  5. Many thanks for this wonderfully entertaining round up, Tanna.
    I am so looking forward to baking the August bread! I am soooo curious! YOU made me THAT curious 😉

  6. Cheers (Riesling or any other drink) to this lovely round up! Looking forward to August’s challenge!

  7. After all of the packing, you deserved to enjoy the Reisling. Maybe you can make the Rheinbrot in your new kitchen. Thanks for the wonderful roundup Tanna! I’m looking forward to baking with the BBBs in August.

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  9. What a terrific roundup! (I urge you to cheat, Tanna, and make a faux sourdough starter like I did – it’s really delicious bread.)

  10. Good golly, your story reminded me of baking bread (a BBB bread???) in the middle of packing and moving homes! But sometimes – times like that – the wine is just best left to the drinking. Kudos to all the babes and buddies who baked this gorgeous loaf!

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