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My Lunch Salad


I do love left-overs.  I really do love them.  I mean what could be better than a meal just waiting for you. So especially when I’m making something I know is good, I’ll make extra.   BUT, I never serve left-overs; we don’t eat left-overs.  Left-over just sounds wrong doesn’t it, sort of tired, something to be forgotten.

Remember these from the little Lamb and Tomato Breads w lentil salad … right, we had left overs.

So, today for lunch I took the left-over lentils and beets, added one beefsteak tomato cubed, an avocado cubed, a small sliver of smoked salmon, salt & Aleppo pepper and …

Blam, is that the right word?  It was really a fabulous lunch.   Would you call this left-over?  Nothing about it seemed left-over to me.  I didn’t feel like I was eating yesterday’s dinner.   That’s why I call these


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5 thoughts on “My Lunch Salad

  1. Hooray for freshovers! Absolutely delicious and so healthy looking!

  2. Fresh overs! My new favorite words!

  3. Brilliant. Wish I had more talent for creating those! 😉

  4. Of course…freshovers…why didn’t I thinkof that? Looks even better than the original lentil salad if that is possible.

  5. You’re right! “Leftovers” sounds like something to be given to the dog. The word really does need changing!

    We love fresh-overs too. Even if they are exactly the same as they were the night before. But especially if they are turned into a brand new dish like your second salad. Which sounds easily as wonderful as the first lentil salad.

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