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Our Buddies are Crackers! Great Crackers! Oh yeah …


Buddies … I can’t fully explain what bread baking means to me/us.  I know it’s all mixed together with the feelings of touching the physical dough, connecting with a long history of bread bakers through the centuries, befriending those around my kitchen table and that strange creative process of relaxing kneading.  It’s always fascinating to me that bread is such simple ingredients and is always different, glorious but always different.

Buddies … I can’t fully explain what our Bread Baking Buddies mean to me/Babes.  I know it’s partly all the above of baking bread but it’s something above that and extraordinarily special.  Strangers come into my kitchen, take a recipe, are willing to put time, effort and good ingredients into that recipe, make it their own and bake with us.

This time around I especially enjoyed Louise Persson’s words:

I’m pleased to have been able to bake this unusual recipe with the BBBs. I saw it posted at KAF sometime ago and thought I would never attempt crackers. Yet baking as a Buddy, I’ve stretched myself and added some new experiences, and happily, this was one of them.

I really can’t remember how I found the BBB while browsing through blogs one day, but I’m very glad I did! I look forward to each new bread, sometimes, like this month, thinking, “Oh, I can’t. I don’t have the time or skill.” But it’s amazing what we can accomplish, isn’t it?

Louise’s experience is typical of so many of us.  Perhaps I should be less emphatic, I do know Louise expresses what I experienced when I started blogging and it continues to this day even though I do recognize I have more confidence when I approach a new recipe.  Yes Louise it is amazing what we can accomplish when we give it a go.

On top of that empathy, what perhaps thrills me/Babes even more is to think that we have somehow influenced a few others to take up this BreadHead Cause and enjoy, experience, learn and share these experiences.

Bread Baking makes my heart happy.  Bread Baking Buddies make my heart happier.  I am so glad that you each give of yourselves and take time to bake with us.  You are truly very special people.  Thank you. Each one of you.

Our Cracker Buddies are (in no particular order):

Louise BreadHead without blog


Corrine at Yogi Latte


Karen at Karen’s Kitchen Stories


Claartje at Claire’s Baking


Cathy at Bread Experience


Carola at Sweet and That’s It


Renee at Kudos Kitchen


Kelly at A Messy Kitchen


Anita (Soepkipje) at Ipernity   


Aparna at MyDiverseKitchen

Seed Crackers 6

Now do you see what I mean when I say these are are really special bunch of bakers!

Hope you can excuse me being late (but it did allow some extra Buddies to sneak in!) between company and that great mystery of the internet gobbling up my post requiring it to be redone … I was late.

If you baked as a Buddy and I missed you please send me an e-mail with your link and a photo so that I may include you!

You’ll excuse me now while I go bake these crackers again AND see if I can get baking on the Babes October bread.

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7 thoughts on “Our Buddies are Crackers! Great Crackers! Oh yeah …

  1. Wonderful words, Tanna – Thank you.
    Not that long ago you wrote that KAF recipes were one of your trusted sources…
    Well, that’s what you BBBBabes are for me: my most trusted source.
    Thank you, thank you so much for filling my (our) house with plenty of delicious breads.

  2. And we’re SO glad we had the chance to squeak in a little over the wire. 😀

  3. Thank you for your very kind words. I’m going to sgare them with my family. They have a vague idea of the BBB, but you capture so beautifully the emotions around our common experience. I’d like to post the Cracker Buddy badge on my Facebook page. Is this possible. Thank you!

  4. Yes, indeed. You and Louise have it right. There are several bread recipes I would never have tried had it not been for the BBBabes. And while I have made crackers in the distant past, I wouldn’t have made them again without the BBB push.

    I love how beautifully all these BBBabe/uddy crackers turned out!

  5. I had such fun participating in this group and making these delicious crackers! Thanks for allowing me to bake along.
    Renee – Kudos Kitchen

  6. This is a lovely write up Tanna, and captures that hard to describe feeling when you work with dough. Bread heads are an amazing bunch. Thank you for choosing this recipe.

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