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BBB ~ Pepperoni Rolls


When I first saw the post for January’s Babe bread, I thought here’s a simple easy fun bake perfect for after the holiday crazy actions. A small stuffed roll perfect for just about anytime, anyplace and any occasion.  Our host kitchen, FeedingMyEnthusiasms, has a good story on finding this bread you should find fun.

A quick read through the recipe and … Pepperoni…ha, I’m in!

My next reading brought me up short. I left the following on the blog: Ye gad, I’m just looking at that 3/4 cup of sugar! Really with pepperoni?! Sounds terribly sweet. How much sugar does this need? What amount of sugar will change the texture here? Adding this much sugar to something that seems savory is REALLY foreign to me. I get the feeling this is a very Americanized food, we just add sugar to everything.

Simple and easy … Then there was a long discussion of what if you don’t want meat!! That how I happen to have the sautéed mushroom with pepperoni spices idea. VERY good.

Holy Batman! I made them. Did I follow the recipe? Better than I thought I had on initial inspection but I divided the ingredients in half and only added 20 grams of sugar … and when the dough just wouldn’t come together – fully 3/4 of a cup of flour was not going to incorporate – I threw  in the rye sourdough throw out from the night before. I threw that in and it was perfect. This took a full 90 minutes to double.  We were having our “pod” friends (pod being like minded fully vaccinated friends) for pepperoni pizza dinner. SOOOO for filling I used pepperoni seasoned baby Bella mushrooms sliced, there were 4 half slices of cooked bacon added to the mushrooms … then there were two dough balls left when I ran out of mushrooms and bacon, perhaps there was a slice or two of cheese as well.  The last two dough balls: one I filled with pepperoni and one I filled with ……..see below.
These were seriously good 😊!!!  They were a terrific appetizer for hungry boys before pizza! 

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… when you run out of filling, what’s the most basic a baker can turn to …

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These are a true treat however you choose to fill them.

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16 thoughts on “BBB ~ Pepperoni Rolls

  1. Peanut butter and jelly! Now that sounds fun!!! I’m so glad your “pod” enjoyed them! Throwing in starter is a great idea.

  2. Your rolls look delicious! I love the color, and what a great slide show. I agree, anyway you fill these, they are so good.

  3. Peanut butter and jelly!! And I thought I was the radical one. (Or rather, would be, when I actually make the bread….) What kind of jelly did you use?

    Also. I’m with you on the amount of sugar in the original recipe. That’s crazy!! Do you think it could possibly be a typo?

    • Raspberry preserves. It was so simple and just so good.
      The sugar…I just think sugar is cheap (or was) and manufactures overuse it for all the wrong reasons and Americans are addicted to it.

      • Yes, the sugar…. I just do not understand why North Americans use so much sugar! (I sometimes think that the people who have embraced the low-carb diet could have achieved their goal simply by making sure their carbs weren’t laced with white sugar.)

        Raspberry preserves, on the other hand, sound excellent! That kind of sugar is most definitely an acceptable addition.

      • Raspberry preserves no added sugar!

  4. Seriously – how can one go wrong with pepperoni! And bread!

  5. Love the peanut butter and jelly idea – especially with a sweet dough, but obviously good with this dough including the rye toss off sourdough starter. Lots of good ideas here.

    • I forgot to write about how my guests started tasting the rolls slowly and then they were all gone … I did only bake a half recipe but there were 10 ~ minus the PBJ save for next day ~ so 9 were gone in an hour between the 5 of us … one big fellow I believe got 4 of them all to himself. Only one VERY discerning taster got a hint of the rye, probably because he’s a real rye lover.

  6. Love your choice of using rye flour and sourdough. I agree with you about the sugar — it’s in everything! No wonder people have health issues. I only made 10, and gave most of them away for that very reason.

  7. Gee, I thought I commented but it’s not here! I would totally go for the PB&J rolls, even over the pizza. Yum. Fried. Yum.

  8. Peanut Butter and jam? You rock! I’m so going to make these one of these days.

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