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Tootmaniks Gotovo Testo ~ BBB ~ Bake Me!



Author: MyKitchenInHalfCups

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9 thoughts on “Tootmaniks Gotovo Testo ~ BBB ~ Bake Me!

  1. Those swirly buns are so awesome! And just brilliant with the egg and fruit. Love it! I hope your time with friends and your mission with Dad’s ashes was a special time for you.

  2. I love how you shaped these! Thanks so much for the cheese education, and for choosing such a delicious bread! It does reheat so nicely, doesn’t it?

  3. Ha! Butter was the saving grace in ours!

    I love the idea of spinach and mint! That sounds delicious.

    What beautiful shaping! Wouldn’t your dad have been pleased to have those lovely rolls for breakfast. Lunch. Dinner….

  4. Blessings on your journey…sweet and sad. Your rolls look amazing! Love the spinach and mint combo.

  5. Wonderful shapes you whirled this bread into! Yes the reheating is essential for bread with cheese, makes them so much better,
    Thanks for picking this bread.

  6. First… Butter is never overkill. That being said I would probably have used the oil that I get with my sheep’s milk feta. Enough of that – your pull-apart rolls are beautiful! Too pretty to eat, but I think I could manage….

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  8. Thank you for choosing this bread, Tanna! I really enjoyed making it (and eating it)! Your loaf looks fabulous! I love the shape.

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